FISHING - 3 Hours - 3 People



     FISHING - 4 Hours -.3 People



     FISHING - 5 Hours - 3 People









Longer charters are available.




Target fish includes Salmon, Lingcod, Red Snapper, Yellow tail, Rock Fish and Crab.











Winter Fishing Charter Rates

Frank 11


Send us a note requesting a specific date for your charter

and we will book it for you. No Deposit Needed.

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( We highly recommend our 5 hour charter,

call or message and we will happily explain why.)


Maximum of 4 persons on a fishing charter, regardless of

how many are actually fishing, $10 extra for the 4th person.

SPRING SALE ON TODAY $380 Can. for our 5 hr charter 

SPRING SALE ON TODAY $360 Can. for our 4 hr charter

SPRING SALE ON TODAY $330 Can. for our 3 hr charter

Book today and save this Winter & Spring!

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