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Insiders Guide To The Lasqueti Ferry

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Lasquetian Ferry Pro - Question & Answer


Can I reserve passage on the ferry over the phone or computer? – No,

you cannot reserve a ferry passage to or from Lasqueti over the phone or on a website.


Is it better to take the first or earliest ferry of the day to gain a seat? – Yes,

the best chance to find a seat and or be on the ferry is to take the first ferry in the morning in either direction. The ferry is, first come first served, so try to be among the first.


Is there such a thing as a boarding pass? – Yes, 

but it's complicated.

After the ferry docks, the ferry crew installs or posts boarding passes near the ferry, for the return voyage, for the next sailing to Lasqueti or to French Creek, which are then obtained by folks waiting at the dock, to help assure a seat on the next sailing. When in doubt, ask the crew.


Please Note, you must be on the ferry and present your pass to ferry staff, at least 15 minutes before the ferry's scheduled departure time. It is highly recommended that once you are on the ferry, you stay on the ferry, if you leave the ferry, even for a few minutes, you may not be allowed to return and will miss that sailing even though you have presented your pass.


The above information is not official and may or may not be accurate in whole or in part.

Water Taxi Between Lasqueti, French Creek Harbour & Beyond

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Please Be Advised


Weekends and especially long weekends are the busiest times for the Lasqueti ferry.


Plan to be early and be prepared for the possibility you may not be able to leave Lasqueti  exactly when you want, if the ferry is maxed out, which does happen.


Due to the possibility of storms, mechanical issues and cost,

it is highly recommend you choose the ferry,

instead of a water taxi, if at all possible.


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